Be Ready for Every Season with Strong, Healthy Legs!

Healthy veins are essential to living well. Four out of ten adults in the United States suffer from venous disorders. If you are one of them, you should know there are virtually pain-free treatments available.

Now is the ideal time to contact a vein specialist for treatment of unsightly varicose veins, facial veins and spider veins in the legs.

Why now?

You may need more than one treatment.

Eliminating unwanted veins is a process and can sometimes take more than one treatment to get you the desired result. Because the effectiveness is individualized and depends on your own body’s response, repeat treatments are sometimes needed and must be scheduled in four to eight week intervals.

The sooner you start treatment, the faster you eliminate painful varicose veins and embarrassing facial and leg veins. By having your vein treatments now, you can spend your summer months doing things you love without suffering from painful, achy legs, and wearing shorts without worrying about embarrassing veins.

You will want to avoid sun exposure.

One risk factor of treating varicose and/or spider veins is permanent skin discoloration overlying the treatment area. This can be minimized by avoiding oral iron supplementation and sun exposure or tanning for four to eight weeks after treatment.

Staying out of the sun is much easier to do now, when outdoor activities and sunshine are less abundant than the summer months.

You will need to wear compression stockings.

After a vein treatment, you will need to wear compression stockings for several days. Wearing graduated compression stockings accelerates the velocity at which blood flows through the deep veins. This increased blood flow helps in the healing process. The stockings are designed to deliver a gradient compression to the leg, with the strongest around the ankle and gradually decreasing up the leg, promoting blood return to the heart.

Compression garments are less cumbersome and easier to hide underneath clothing you would wear now versus the summer months.

Your veins can appear darker or inflamed before you start to see signs of improvement.

Veins can sometimes appear to become worse before they get better. They may look darker, and in some cases red and inflamed, for a period of time before they start to fade. Bruising may also occur.

Starting your treatments now will allow you sufficient time for healing and gets you ready for summer.

So why wait?

Call Advanced Vein Care today. The staff at AVC will address your concerns, answer questions about your venous condition, and explain various treatment options. We accept most major insurance plans, including Medicare.


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